We are a group of family lawyers, mediators, financial professionals and family consultants. We all practice in or around the Greater Manchester area.

We have considerable experience in dealing with cases, adopting the traditional court based approach, but are also committed to training and practising as collaborative lawyers.

As individuals, we are all specialists in a wide range of family law work including divorce, financial settlements, children act cases, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and property disputes between cohabiting couples.


Collaborative law is an exciting and innovative process, which transforms the separation process for a couple and their children and brings positive benefits both financially and emotionally for many years ahead.  In our experience, the process can, with the specialist input, help clients overcome challenges and support a successfully negotiated agreement.

Whilst in the majority of cases, the collaborative process is likely to involve legal specialists, it is, on occasion, helpful and indeed necessary to involve specialists from a financial and therapeutic background.  Financial experts, including accountants and pension experts who work jointly with a couple to make sure they make informed decisions, whilst therapeutic experts can support and guide clients in successfully adapting to change in a family unit.


We wholeheartedly recommend the collaborative process to you.  If you are interested in learning more and having an initial chat with any of our groups, please click on to the links to the individual pages which contain details of our specialist lawyer membership, as well as our non-lawyer membership.

We would all be happy to help.

Collaborative Lawyers, Mediators and Arbitrators