Welcome to this, the fourth  and final post in our series covering the hot topics we know cause stress and tension for families during the festive period. This post is all about being generous to your ex.

Remember the good times.

Regardless of whether this is your first, or tenth Christmas apart, remember that this may be a challenging period for your ex. If, for example, you are spending Christmas Day with your children, it’s worthwhile considering that it may be a very lonely day for your ex.

If you can, try to be diplomatic and considerate, and remember that even if you no longer get along well, you were once a family.

Be sensitive

If you are in a relationship, but your ex is alone, try to be sensitive towards their feelings. They may be happily single, but equally they could be feeling vulnerable or isolated. If your relationship is strained, be generous in your behaviour, and remember that they may be struggling at what can be a difficult time of year following a relationship breakdown.

Think about the future

Although the festive season can provide touch points for conflict, it’s always worthwhile remembering that after Christmas, comes Boxing Day, New Year and then it’s back to normality. If you and your ex have children, you will need to be able to communicate about their care and upbringing for many years, so it’s sensible to try to get a handle on any issues in your relationship sooner rather than later.

For this reason, it may be worthwhile making an appointment with your mutual collaborative lawyers to discuss the problems that are placing demands on your relationship. If you can work through these points of dispute, your Christmas is likely to be far more enjoyable, and knowing that an agreement has been reached should help you to maintain good relations into the future.

A seasonal greeting from all at Collaborative Law Manchester

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our series of Christmas posts, and that the tips we’ve provided have been helpful.

All that remains is for us to wish all of our readers a very happy Christmas and prosperous new year.